Architectural decorative mouldings

Eleni Decor is one of the Italian leading companies specialized in architectural façade customized decorative mouldings manufacturing . We’ve been operating on the Italian market since 2004 and starting in 2015, we are spreading our passion for façade decoration worldwide by collaborating with international partners.
Custom exterior polystyrene architectural decorative mouldings made with Italian craftsmanship know-how by respecting the “Made in Italy” standards.
Our company’s business philosophy is a mix of construction parameters, architecture & design in order to offer our clients beauty, quality and functionality.


We produce custom-made architectural decorative mouldings based on the client’s drawing. Our façade decorations can embellish your house with crown mouldings, eave cornices, string-course, window and door surrounds, flat trims, quoins, columns and many other external architectural coving.Our strength is the ability to give any shape and finish to our products, made from EPS (expanded polystyrene or styrofoam) and coated with fibre-reinforced elastic plaster by following the highest manufacturing standards with high-quality materials. We are inspired by the classic elegance of the past but we use materials of the future.

Our architectural decorative mouldings are both elegant and insulating and they make your house unique, just like you.

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