Project Description

Cornices for indirect lighting

LIGHT DECOR – Cornices for indirect lighting

The cornices for indirect lighting are the perfect solution to give design value to simple plasterboard walls. Indeed, with the innovative dovetail fxing system, the elements joint perfectly in the panels slots, and create an aesthetic wall continuity effect. The structure of the decorative element is made of EPS in order to make it lightweight and is covered and embellished with an innovative gypsum fiber layer which makes the finishing elastic.

“Classic” Line

Soft lines and geometrical drawings give life to the bundle of light by creating a rhythmic play of lights and shadows in an evocative atmosphere.

“Bell’Italia” Line

The theme of this line is the personifcation of Made in Italy design culture by inserting in the decoration the skylines of some famous Italian cities like Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence. The decoration becomes the main element of the wall. When the light is switched off, it is a sculptural part of it and when the light is on, it becomes a refined warm light source with a beautiful visual impression.

Cornices for indirect lighting